Paisaje y calidad visualpercepciones formales y sociales de paisajes singulares de la Sierra de Huelva

  1. Rubio Tenor, Marta
unter der Leitung von:
  1. J. F. Ojeda-Rivera Doktorvater

Universität der Verteidigung: Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Fecha de defensa: 02 von Dezember von 2010

  1. Rafael Mata Olmo Präsident/in
  2. Buenaventura Delgado Bujalance Sekretär
  3. Rocío Silva Pérez Vocal
  4. Valerià Paül Carril Vocal
  5. Chantal Aspe Vocal
  1. Geografía, Historia y Filosofía

Art: Dissertation

Teseo: 300819 DIALNET


The European Landscape Convention establishes the need to define landscape policies, which can be defined as the formulation of general principles, strategies and guidelines that allow the adoption of measures of landscape protection, management and planning. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to extract the concept of landscape from more global issues - such as nature conservation and urban and regional planning, in which it plays a secondary role as a mere aesthetic factor- to become the central focus of a specific landscape policy. The eastern origin and inherently complex nature of this concept - i.e. its dual nature, material and perceptual- hinder landscapes assessment and appreciation in diverse professional contexts which are frequently segmented. Basic methodologies aimed to establish criteria of landscape quality are not sufficiently developed and shared in the scientific field. The main objective of this dissertation is to measure the visual quality of the most significant landscapes of the Sierra of Huelva by comparing results between objective quantifiable indicators and social preferences and perceptions.