Un problema de localización y rutas para incineradoras en Andalucíaobtención de una solución dentro de una frontera eficiente

  1. González Lozano, Mercedes
  2. Guerrero Casas, Flor María
  3. Molina Luque, Julián
  4. Paralera Morales, Concepción
  5. Caballero Fernández, Rafael
Estudios de economía aplicada

ISSN: 1133-3197 1697-5731

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 26

Issue: 1

Pages: 281-282

Type: Article

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In this paper an interactive method is designed and implemented in order to facilitate the search into a wide set of efficient solutions. This method is based on filtering and clustering tools, and the comparison of a small number of solutions, in an intuitive and simple way for the decision maker. We use this method to solve a real problem: the location of incineration plants (for animal solid residuals) among some candidate locations in Andalucia, as well as the optimal route design to deliver the residuals from each slaughterhouse to the opened plants. The resulting model conforms a Multi- Objective Location Routing problem of such a dimension that the set of efficient solutions obtained can not be managed by the decision maker in order to find his most preferred solution.