Perfil de los menores en conflicto con la ley

  1. Concepción Nieto-Morales
TS nova: trabajo social y servicios sociales

ISSN: 2171-6005

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 6

Pages: 47-60

Type: Article

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It is important to know the profile of a minor who commits criminal punishable actions and who is being studied by us through a series of quantitative methods that are obtained after drawing up a report concerning such minor at the Juvenile Prosecutor�s Office. The study of the legal and executive psychological, social and educational variables made on the situation of the minors will provide the profile of the minors who are in conflict with the law. The registration of criminal offences and the characteristics of the execution will allow us to know the situation of the minors, their recidivism, the effectiveness of the steps taken, etc. In short, we need to know the situation in order to be able to take the corresponding resocialization measures, effective resources and actions meant to prevent later offences.