Migration law in Spain

  1. Fernando Elorza-Guerrero

Publisher: Kluwer Law International

ISBN: 9403508116

Year of publication: 2019

Type: Book


Derived from the renowned multi-volume 'International Encyclopaedia of Laws', this monograph on the rules on immigration and right of residence of non-nationals in Spain examines the legal and administrative conditions for persons not having the citizenship of a State to enter the country and to stay and reside there. It provides a survey of the subject that is both usefully brief and sufficiently detailed to answer most questions likely to arise in any pertinent legal setting. It follows the common structure of all monographs appearing in the 'International Encyclopaedia for Migration Law', thus allowing easy comparison between the country studies.00As migration and economic activities are often interlinked, the analysis pays particular attention to labour market access and regulation of self-employed activities for non-nationals. The book describes the status of such specific categories of persons as students, researchers, temporary workers, and asylum seekers, as well as the position of family members, detailing applicable legislation and providing practical information on administrative procedures, sanctions, and legal remedies and guarantees. The impact of international human rights law and various bilateral and multilateral agreements is considered, along with the broader application of national and local law to non-citizens in such areas as family relations, labour, social security, and education.