La agricultura ecológica en la provincia hispalense. Estudio de casos

  1. María Elena Nieto Cabrera
  2. Azahara Calderón Laguna
  3. Concepción Nieto-Morales
Revista de Derecho, Empresa y Sociedad (REDS)

ISSN: 2340-4647

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 17

Pages: 204-219

Type: Article

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  • Year 2020
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Social advances also require progressive technological ones in all areas, such as in farming. With regard to this, intensive farming is considered by many, ecologist groups or associations, as an attack to the environment. Several Spanish Universities, as the one in Córdoba, promote ecological farming. Professor Eduardo Sevilla Guzmán has started a wide worldwide research about it, with a great popularity/acceptation, also in Latin America. Nowadays, farmers, who are devoted to extensive farming, don't consider organic farming as productive, as, as a result, non profitable. In Seville, in the Vega region, "El cortijo del Puerto", known worldwide due to organic farming, has won awards for its organic production of olive oil.