Jóvenes que retornan al sistema de educación y/o formación: Un análisis de su curso de vida

  1. Guerrero Puerta, Laura
Supervised by:
  1. Mónica Torres Sánchez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Granada

Fecha de defensa: 02 June 2022

  1. Miguel A. Pereyra Chair
  2. Rocío Lorente García Secretary
  3. Domingo Barroso Hurtado Committee member
  4. Míriam Abiétar López Committee member
  5. Lázaro Moreno Herrera Committee member

Type: Thesis


This doctoral thesis seeks to respond to this gap, trying to explore the life course of young people who have left the education system early, and have returned to their training/education through vocational training policies, training for employment, or secondary education for adults, focusing both on the school trajectory leading to ELET, and on the return process, for which the theoretical and methodological paradigm of the Life Course will be used. Thus, the thesis acquires its justification in this gap in the literature regarding the inclusion in a more active way of the historical, political and, therefore, structural factors that have positioned ELET as one of the central elements of educational and training policies, and in the need to explore how these have conditioned or influenced the subjectivities of these individuals, and ultimately in their life trajectories, using the possibilities that the methodological theoretical paradigm has to answer these questions. Moreover, precisely to change the focus and move away from the conception of "normalized" trajectories, we have chosen to approach this research from the educational/training return of young people who have experienced an episode of early leaving. This is justified by recent research, which, as we have seen, argues that, as part of this linear vision of school-work transitions, and excessively linked to specific age norms, the possibility of returning once the ELET occurs have not been sufficiently explored.