Supervised Theses (1)

  1. Modeling and control techniques of autonomous helicopters for landing on moving platforms 2016

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Luis Alberto Sandino Velásquez

Theses Committees (5)

  1. Committee Member

    Accurate navigation applied to landing maneuvers on mobile platforms for unmanned aerial vehicles 2020

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Francisco Alarcón Romero

  2. Committee Member

    Aerial robots for robust contact inspection an manipulation 2019

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Miguel Ángel Trujillo Soto

  3. Committee Member

    Modelling and control of aerial manipulators 2019

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Antonio Jiménez

  4. Secretary of the Committee

    Aplicación de la teoría cualitativa de sistemas dinámicos para el guiado autónomo de vehiculos 2017

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Alberto González Cantos

  5. Committee Member

    A multi-hypothesis approach for range-only simultaneous localization and mapping with aerial robots 2017

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Felipe Ramón Fabresse