The role of cooperation breadth as a strategy forinnovationastundy of openess in spanish startups

  1. Elena Giménez Fernández
Supervised by:
  1. Francesco Domenico Sandulli Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2017

  1. Antonio Rodríguez Duarte Chair
  2. Marta Fossas Olalla Secretary
  3. José A. Alfaro Tanco Committee member
  4. Alberto Ferraris Committee member
  5. Daniel Arias Aranda Committee member

Type: Thesis


Startups and incumbent firms both play important roles in generating innovations and economic growth, but they contribute to the innovation ecosystem and economic development in different ways. Between the innovation strategies, open innovation is taking a higher importance for both incumbent firms and startups. Literature states that startups’ resources and capacities are different from incumbent firms, so there might exist differences on the use of open innovation strategies. In this context, this dissertation adopts a combination of theoretical perspectives (the resource-based view, with especial attention to intellectual propriety rights, the knowledge-based view, and the dynamic capabilities perspective) in order to develop a better understanding of open innovation in startups. I investigate how the diversity of external knowledge sources contributes to startups’ innovation performance. In addressing this overarching research question, I present four separate empirical studies that deal with various facets of value creation and value capture from open innovation, with a special emphasis on startups...