Los factores determinantes del éxito en la actividad exportadoraUna aproximación mediante el análisis rough set

  1. Susana Blanco García
  2. Isabel Marta Miranda García
  3. María Jesús Segovia Vargas
Optimización-Estocástica-Recursiva-Coherente-Sistémica y sus variantes (probabilidad, econometría y estadística aplicada)
  1. María Ramos (coord.)
  2. Fernando Miranda Torrado (coord.)

Publisher: ECORFAN

ISBN: 978-607-00-5902-5

Year of publication: 2012

Pages: 233-266

Type: Book chapter


Most of the studies related to internationalization have been empiric and conceptual, and, in lesser extent, methodological. Nevertheless, it would be very valuable and interesting to use new research techniques, which might avoid some of the inconveniences of the traditional ones or, at least, provide a different point of view. This paper uses Rough Set Theory that belongs to Artificial Intelligence domain for evaluating the internationalization success of a firm. A real sample of Spanish manufacturing companies has been used. The firms are described by a set of economic and financial variables. The obtained results are quite satisfactory showing what variables are the most relevant ones to analyze the success in international markets.