La influencia del capital humano de las empresas industriales españolas en su intensidad exportadoraAnálisis mediante la técnica PART de Inteligencia Artificial

  1. Miranda García, Isabel Marta
  2. Segovia Vargas, María Jesús
  3. Gómez Aparicio, Pilar
  4. Blanco García, Susana
Estudios en Finanzas y Contabilidad: España y América Latina. Estado del arte y las nuevas metodologías aplicadas
  1. Ramos, María (coord.)
  2. Miranda García, Isabel Marta (coord.)

Publisher: ECORFAN

ISBN: 978-607-00-4301-7

Year of publication: 2013

Pages: 171-186

Type: Book chapter


In the current economic environment, openness to international markets is fast becoming an increasingly used to solvethe problems not only an internal market burdened by the drop in consumption but also as a tool to addressmanagement issues classic alternative business such as growth, achieving the long-term viability and innovation andthat the internationalization of firms turns out to be a complex strategy that can allow to extend the life cycle of productsand improving productivity and business efficiency through participation in highly competitive environments.