Dossier especial, Ruta Comunicación, nº 8"El uso del terror como arma política". Curso de verano de la Universitat de la Pau. Sant Cugat del Vallès, 6 – 12 de julio de 2017

  1. Alexandre Lavado i Campàs
  2. José María Perceval
  3. Eduardo Gargallo
  4. Tica Font
  5. Wendela de Vries
  6. Javier Martín Rodríguez
  7. Constanza Sánchez Avilés
  8. Rafael Grasa
  9. Mariano Aguirre Ernst
  10. Arcadi Oliveres Boadella
  11. Manuel R. Torres Soriano
  12. Maryant Fernández
  13. Thais Bonilla
  14. José Angel Ruiz Jiménez
  15. Chris Jones
  16. Rafael Bustos García de Castro
  17. Igor G. Barbero
Ruta Comunicación

ISSN: 2462-4888

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 8

Pages: 216-240

Type: Article

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Transcription of the interviews carried out with the participants of the summer course of the Universitat de la Pau in Sant Cugat del Vallès. All the interviews started from the reflection about how terror can be used as a political weapon.Terror paralyzes the action of the human being and forces him to obey. While violence is a direct act on the 'other', on his body, terror acts on the mind and does not even need the use of direct violence. The important thing is what the receiver fears. Terror is presented as a phenomenon of pure and diaphanous communication. Its basis is the publicity of the violent act that is going to be carried out, of which it has been carried out or of which it is only enunciated as a nearby threat, which can happen in a nearby time or space. The terror needs public, needs to be understood by the threatened, lives, in short, in the brain of the terrified.