¿Existe penalización por maternidad?Mujeres y mercado laboral en España desde una perspectiva de familia

  1. María Teresa López López
  2. Viviana González Hincapié
  3. Antonio Jesús Sánchez Fuentes
  4. Manuela Prieto Rodríguez

Publisher: Cinca

ISBN: 978-84-16668-72-4

Year of publication: 2018

Type: Book


We look at the situation of women in the labour market from a family perspective. Combining different statistical sources, we quantify the recent evolution of the various gender gaps (salary, participation, employment, unemployment). Next, we highlight our main findings: • Despite equality advances in recent decades, significant differences persist in the positions of men and women in the Spanish labour market. • Having children significantly conditions the expected salary path of both women and men. This pattern has different consequences for the genders: for women, the impact is negative until age 42-43, coinciding with their childbearing age, and positive thereafter, thus confirming the hypothesis of a possible penalty for maternity. • It is observed that women between the ages of 16 and 34 who have children see their chances of entering unemployment increase significantly, undermining the general positive effect mentioned above.