Desigualdad, segregación y exclusión social en Sevillael paradigma Polígono Sur

  1. Francisco José Torres Gutiérrez
Supervised by:
  1. J. F. Ojeda-Rivera Director

Defence university: Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Year of defence: 2009

  1. Josefina Cruz Villalón Chair
  2. José Mora Galiana Secretary
  3. Luz Marina García Herrera Committee member
  4. Rafael Lucas Ruiz Committee member
  5. José Feria Toribio Committee member
  1. Geography, History and Philosophy

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 304547 DIALNET


Within the framework of social production and reproduction of the urban structure, and the formal specification of the city fabric, dialectical relationships are produced between social and spatial components, so that the urban habitat is not only the scenario of the existing social inequality, but also it is a factor that creates, maintains and can exacerbate such inequality. With this argument, this doctoral thesis unravels the many different factors involved in the dialectic mentioned above, which is synthetically interpreted by means of a comprehensive analysis of social vulnerability and urban space in the city of Seville. After establishing a typology of deprived neighbourhoods, it ends considering the South Polygon as a district singularly representative of the phenomena and processes that lead to urban marginalization and social stigmatization.