Compromiso organizacionalContribución de una gestión estratégica de recursos humanos sobre una perspectiva de marketing

  1. Fuentes Jiménez, Pedro Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Beatriz Palacios Florencio Director
  2. Julio García del Junco Director
  3. Joaquín Traverso Cortés Director

Defence university: Universidad de Sevilla

Fecha de defensa: 09 February 2016

  1. José Luis Galán González Chair
  2. Mario Castellanos Verdugo Secretary
  3. María Carmen Saorín Iborra Committee member
  4. Juan Manuel Berbel Pineda Committee member
  5. María Teresa Canet Giner Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 399033 DIALNET lock_openIdus editor


This research has as its main objective to establish a marketing perspective as a fundamental tool in the strategic management of human talent. After establishing the endomarketing perspective as adequate, a review of its concept to structure a model that represents the perspective of marketing within Bolivian companies was made. Also, taking into account the guidelines for the management of human talent, organizational commitment based on the model of Allen and Meyer is considered as fundamental; their antecedents and consequences are studied. The research method was established in two stages: a qualitative stage, to identify empirically the processes that relate to endomarketing practices in Bolivian organizations and another quantitative to find the association between the two main. Qualitative data was analyzed through content analysis, especially considering the exploratory study approach. Quantitative data was analyzed with statistical techniques such as factor analysis. The research, done in five companies of the backbone of Bolivia, showed a positive association between Endomarketing and organizational commitment. It also indicated that the right model of Endomarketing is composed of three dimensions: customer focus, the practices of talent management and internal communication. In addition, it was found that companies that convert speech into practice, have more committed employees; marketing perspective is not only just a new talent management, but also a strategic talent management from the perspective of marketing and internal communication which is a key process variable