El papel de los sistemas de información en la compra de productos sanitarios

  1. Naranjo-Gil, David
  2. Ruiz Muñoz, D.
  3. Sánchez Sánchez, Ana María
Conocimiento, innovación y emprendedores: camino al futuro
  1. Ayala Calvo, Juan Carlos (coord.)

Publisher: Universidad de La Rioja

ISBN: 84-690-3573-8

Year of publication: 2007

Type: Book chapter


Healthcare organizations are adopting new management techniques in order to optimise their supply chain management, and then reduce cost and enhance efficiency. This paper analizes the use of Interorganziational information systems as a set of techniques that facilitates the purchansing of healthcare products within the supply chain management. We analyse the information about healthcare products transactions between an healthcare provider and different suppliers. Results show that the implementation of interorganizational information systems enhances the number of supplier and the competition between them. This lead to reduce the purchase price in the healthcare sector