La reserva de biosfera intercontinental de Mediterráneo Andalucía (España)-Marruecos como instrumento de cooperación

  1. Fernando Alejandro Molina Vázquez
  2. Águeda Antonia Villa Díaz
Ecosistemas: Revista científica y técnica de ecología y medio ambiente

ISSN: 1697-2473

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 17

Issue: 2

Pages: 17-27

Type: Article

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The most relevant objective for the Inter Continental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve Andalusia (Spain)-Morocco has been to establish a cooperation channel between the two countries. Within this framework efforts have been put into the promotion of a model towards sustainable development, always favouring the preservation of the shared ecosystem. It has also been a must, the recognition of the common and specific cultural resources as well as the social and economical improvement of the implicated populations. This objective has determined both the process itself in which it has been fundamental to maintain a continuous and agile institutional collaboration both sides of the ocean- and to maintain the specific working tools designed for the Project, being the most relevant the Action Plan and the Inter-continental Management Plan. These tools define in a very detailed way strategies and implementation measurements for the objectives and initiatives approved by the UNESCO in October 2006.