Edward Said, historia de un compromiso

  1. Cepedello Boiso, José
Revista internacional de pensamiento político

ISSN: 1885-589X

Year of publication: 2007

Issue Title: Naciones y nacionalismos en España

Issue: 2

Pages: 119-126

Type: Article

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In recalling the extensive intellectual, literary, political and vital experience of Edward Said, one of the greatest figures of Political Thought of the 20th century, a word invariably recurs: compromise. His extensive work and intense academic and political activity constitute one of the greatest individual efforts carried on in contemporary age to reach solutions of compromise so as to avoid conflicts of unpredictable consequences through all sort of initiatives: from the abstract analysis of those of purely intellectual character to the personal commitment with the so-called "down-to-earth" ones; from a keen political activism to the renewed symbolism of mixed cultural societies. Compromise in every possible way (vital, intellectual, cultural, social, political, religious, even musical) is the key-word to understand the singular value of the Palestinian Edward Said.

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