Acerca de la compatibilidad entre Islam y democracia.Algunas reflexiones sobre la necesria participación social activa en la construcción de Estados democráticos en los países de raíz islámica

  1. Cepedello Boiso, José
Universitas: Revista de Filosofía, Derecho y Política

ISSN: 1698-7950

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 16

Pages: 23-49

Type: Article

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In this work the relationships between Islam as a religious belief and Democracy, understood as system of political organization, are analyzed. Starting with a study of Islam's links with politics, we advocate that, against the widespread view in West, secularism is the more suitable setting for the Islamic doctrine and that there is not a unique model of State compatible with this creed. Next, the concept of Democracy is analyzed along the history of the Islamic political thought. Lastly, we conclude that, for the establishment and consolidation of purely democratic regimes in Islamic-rooted countries, an active civic engagement is absolutely necessary.