La situación de las mujeres en las prisiones de Murcia¿Más vulnerables que los hombres?

  1. Caravaca Sánchez, Francisco
  2. Sánchez Rodríguez, Faustina
  3. Luna Maldonado, Aurelio
Boletín criminológico

ISSN: 2254-2043 1137-2427

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 19

Issue: 146

Pages: 1-5

Type: Article

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The study analyzes the demographic, crime and victimization profile in a sample of 21 women imprisoned in Murcia II, and compares the influx of violent behaviors among men and women to determine which group is most vulnerable while in prison. A survey was used to compile data and then a cross-sectional study with a confidence of 95% was carried out. Survey respondents represent 2.1% of this prison population, have a young profile, have a couple and come from disadvantaged social classes. 65.1% of women use drugs while in prison and more than a half had been imprisoned before. Regarding victimization due to gender, women are more vulnerable to violent behavior than men.