Excavación arqueológica en el Teatro Greco de Villa Adrianacampaña de 2012

  1. Rafael Hidalgo Prieto
  2. Inmaculada Carrasco Gómez
  3. Manuel Buzón Alarcón
  4. Loreto Gómez Araujo
  5. Rosario Rovira Guardiola
  6. Consuela Manna
Informes y Trabajos: Excavaciones en el exterior

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 12

Pages: 143-156

Type: Article


During the 2012 season of archaeological excavations that have taken place in the Teatro Greco of Hadrian�s Villa we have mainly focused on two areas of the building. On one hand we have excavated on the far western side of the crypta in the area of the stage in order to corroborate the existence of a staircase symmetric with the one we know of on the opposite side. On the other hand we have also excavated on the far northwest side of the back of the theatre with the aim of obtaining more information on the structures that were identified there during the 2011 season. With the completion of this season we have concluded the Project of Archaeological Excavations in the Teatro Greco of Hadrian�s Villa.