Trabajo social hospitalario con mujeres subsaharianas posibles víctimas de trata

  1. Fernández Esquivel, Carmen
  2. Cordero Ramos, Nuria
Agathos: Atención sociosanitaria y bienestar

ISSN: 1578-3103

Year of publication: 2016

Year: 16

Issue: 2

Pages: 28-37

Type: Article

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  • Year 2016
  • Journal Impact: 0.010
  • Field: TRABAJO SOCIAL Quartile: C4 Rank in field: 37/50


  • Social Sciences: D


The purpose of this paper is to present the role of the Social Worker with possible sub- Saharan women trafficked from the health sector. Start addressing the main problems of physical, sexual, psychological and / or social health that many of these women suffer as a result of the harsh conditions of migrant transit and of the holding itself, besides the main cultural barriers, sanitary and / or legislative measures which these women are to access and use public health services of Andalusia. Then, from professional practices carried out in the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville, we will approach the functions of the Social Worker with these women potential victims of trafficking, accompanied by a case study. In addition, we will see major attitudinal, educational and structural difficulties that all professionals could have that hinder social intervention to this group. In short, we think the awareness and training of professional social work is necessary, through specific training to detect and address cases of migrant women potential victims of trafficking for the purpose they can receive comprehensive care.