Ética y epistemología en trabajo social

  1. Francisco Romanco Villarán
Documentos de trabajo social: Revista de trabajo y acción social

ISSN: 1133-6552

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 59

Pages: 33-50

Type: Article

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The text tries to provide elements of reflection on the debate about the need to continue incorporating into the theory and practice of Social Work an epistemology that assumes an ethical perspective, from the interdisciplinary, cooperation and res ponsibility that responds to the new social conditions of society global and complex network in which we live that drives us to be primarily liquid consumers. If something should distinguish contemporary social work is its commitment to people, especially the most disadvantaged. In this sense I believe that this com mitment must be manifested through ethics, which reflects and points out the object of our being, and to achieve this we must use controlled methodologies and techno logies in accordance with the conditions historically determined today, but without losing the moral sense that should lead us to the happiness of all human beings, In the world of everyone and anyone we inhabit and share, rethinking our goals can help us to be happier, more just and more supportive with fewer instruments and more sanity. For this we must be able to define our goals and cooperate in areas that allow intergenerationality as spaces for transmitting values and knowledge that go beyond instrumentalization and allow through interdisciplinary, to face the social complexity that we live and to talk about the better and necessary purposes for a good society, that is to say that it gives answers and alternatives to the unsatisfactory way of life that many people suffer today. From a contemporary epistemological, ecological knowledge and based on an ethics of virtues, today more than ever I think it is important to know what is impor tant, to be in common and not lose the skills necessary to live together.