Análisis acústico de las consonantes del árabe dialectal del Cairo

  1. Saad Mohamed Saad 1
  1. 1 Cairo University

    Cairo University

    Guiza, Egipto


Revista del Instituto Egipcio de Estudios Islámicos

ISSN: 1132-3485

Year of publication: 2018

Issue: 46

Type: Article

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  • Year 2018
  • Journal Impact: 0.070
  • Field: ESTUDIOS ÁRABES, HEBREOS Y ORIENTALES Quartile: C3 Rank in field: 9/17
  • Field: FILOLOGÍAS Quartile: C3 Rank in field: 134/329


Our aim in this paper is an acoustic analysis of consonants in Cairene dialectal Arabic. We want to analyze both the main characteristics and the duration of the consonants that has this variant of Arabic. So, we study here the spectrograms of a large number of recordings of words that contain these consonants in the different linguistic contexts in which they usually appear. Among the obtained results, it is possible to emphasize the aspiration with which the voiceless stops are pronounced. In this sense, it has been shown that the degree of aspiration increases as the place of articulation of the voiceless sounds is delayed. On the other hand, the difference between normal and pharyngeal consonants is more pronounced in the transitions and frequencies of the formants of the adjoining vowels than in the acoustic characteristics of the consonants. Concerning duration, it should be emphasized that all voiced consonants turned out to be shorter than their corresponding deaf ones