Excavación arqueológica en el Palazzo de Villa Adriana (Tívoli, Roma)Campaña de 2015-2016

  1. Rafael Hidalgo Prieto
  2. Inmaculada Carrasco Gómez
  3. Ana María Felipe Colodrero
  4. Yolanda Peña Cervantes
  5. Eva Zarco Martínez
Informes y Trabajos: Excavaciones en el exterior

Year of publication: 2019

Issue: 17

Pages: 222-242

Type: Article


Here are exposed the results of the last archaeological campaign that took place around the area of Palazzo in Hadrian´s Villa. Having taken place during April 2016, its main focus was the definition of the Northern side of the central courtyard of Palazzo (portico B). Along this, an advancement of a better and more concrete definition and interpretation of the rooms that open to the North of the courtyard has been established. Lastly, a series of specific actions have been put to use in order to solve the situation concerning the configuration of the different spaces that open to the Northern side of the Western portico.