Forest growth responses to drought at short- and long-term scales in Spain: Squeezing the stress memory from tree rings

  1. Camarero, J.J.
  2. Gazol, A.
  3. Sangüesa-Barreda, G.
  4. Cantero, A.
  5. Sánchez-Salguero, R.
  6. Sánchez-Miranda, A.
  7. Granda, E.
  8. Serra-Maluquer, X.
  9. Ibáñez, R.
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

ISSN: 2296-701X

Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 6

Issue: FEB

Type: Article

DOI: 10.3389/FEVO.2018.00009 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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