Análisis de las elecciones autonómicas andaluzas de 2015posibles causas y consecuencias del inicio de un nuevo ciclo

  1. Juan Montabes
  2. José Manuel Trujillo
Más poder local

ISSN: 2172-0223

Year of publication: 2015

Issue Title: elecciones autonómicas y municipales España 2015

Issue: 23

Pages: 56-64

Type: Article

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  • Year 2015
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This article analyzes the results of regional elections held on March 2015 in Andalusia (Spain). Our work focuses in three main issues: the definition of electoral climate, the accuracy of previous opinion polls, and an analysis of aggregate results in order to identify the changes and continuities in electoral behavior. This work’s results show that opinion polls were accurate at identifying certain trends on electoral changes that elections may provoke to the Andalusian policy in an uncertainty climate. However the results also evidence the continuity in some traditional electoral patterns similarly to previous elections in Andalusia. In this sense, we argue that it is difficult to conclude that the last regional elections were really critical for the system.