La adopción del teletrabajo y las tecnologías de la informaciónestudio de relaciones y efecos organizativos

  1. Pérez Pérez, Manuela
  2. Martínez Sánchez, Ángel
  3. de Luis Carnicer, María Pilar
  4. Vela Jiménez, María José
Revista de economía y empresa

ISSN: 0213-2834

Year of publication: 2004

Volume: 22

Issue: 52-53

Pages: 11-28

Type: Article

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This paper analyses the differences in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in a sample of Spanish companies. Teleworking companies invest more on ICTs, use more hardware and software (per company and employee), have a greater level of electronic communication, their employees have more external access to the company 'a information systems and are more trained in the use of ICTs. Teleworking companies have experienced more positive effects from the adoption of ICTs in the following issues: performance, business process, organization, customer relationships, supplier relationships, and employees relationships. They have also experienced lower barriers to adopting ICTs. These results suggest a possible synergy between teleworking adoption and the use of ICTs.