La iniciativa comunitaria de empleo y desarrollo de los recursos humanosproyectos desarrollados en la provincia de Huelva (1995-1997)

  1. Cruzado Pérez, Antonio Luis
Supervised by:
  1. María Nieves Saldaña Díaz Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 23 April 2012

  1. Manuel José Terol Becerra Chair
  2. Rosa María Giles Carnero Secretary
  3. Eva Martínez-Sampere Committee member
  4. Juan Jesús Mora Molina Committee member
  5. Manuel Zafra Víctor Committee member

Type: Thesis


This Doctoral Thesis tries to penetra te into the analysis and evaluation of public policies and lo analyze and to evaluate four programs of social intervention, that try to solve or to improve the situation of a few groups that find in circumstances more disadvantaged in relation with the unemployment and, possibly, determining their integration in the society. The Thesis divides in three parts, which are determined by what we have named Practica! Framc or Studies of Cases To conclude, we observe the importance that has the local optics, being indispensable to complete a global vision, because it is the only way in which there exists an adjustment of the public politics to the concrete demands that rcally they must attend or satisfy. It is guaranteed, of this manner, a system of connection and feedback between the global thing and the local thing that it allows and justifies to think globally but to execute in the local place.