La crisis de los desahucios en España

  1. Cano Fuentes, Gala
  2. Etxezarreta Etxarri, Aitziber
Revista de economía crítica

ISSN: 1696-0866 2013-5254

Year of publication: 2014

Issue Title: Pensar la transición (II)

Issue: 17

Pages: 44-57

Type: Article

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  • Year 2014
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In this paper it will be analysed one of the social consequences of the real estate and credit bubble that was associated to this economic growth: evictions. First, it will be studied the evolution of evictions data in the last years. Secondly, it will analyse the responses that from public administrations has given to this phenomenon of economic origin, but now, of a deep social significance. Finally, due to the deficiency of the public responses, it will be pointed out the social initiatives as the germ of social innovation. It proposed the theoretical framework of social innovation and social economy as an innovative and useful reference in order to analyze the present situation and suggest some proposals to overcoming the crisis.