Espacio social, vivienda y movilidad residencial. Un análisis multiescalar de las prácticas residenciales y su relación con la estructura residencial

  1. Andújar Llosa, Andrea
Supervised by:
  1. José Feria Toribio Director

Defence university: Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Fecha de defensa: 15 July 2020

  1. Mª Ángeles Huete García Chair
  2. Joaquín Susino Arbucias Secretary
  3. Simone Busetti Committee member
  1. Geografía, Historia y Filosofía

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 625014 DIALNET


Abstract This thesis addresses some research questions about the relationship between social and urban dynamics, especially the relationship between social space, residential practices and the residential structure. Thus, it is intended to advance in the knowledge of the occupation of the residential structure by social groups, from a perspective that allows integrating the social and spatial dimensions through a multi-scale analysis and in a period of time before and after the beginning of the 2008 crisis. The research objectives are: 1) to propose a conceptual framework that allows attending to the structural elements in the interpretation of residential behaviors and that allows to integrate the social and physical dimensions of the socio-residential reality; 2) to analyse the relationship between the characteristics of the dwelling and those of their residents, in order to integrate the social and physical dimensions for the study of situations of residential disadvantage; and 3) to incorporate a dynamic perspective in the study of the social occupation of urban space, analyzing the relationship between residential mobility and the more general urban transformation processes. The Phd is made up of a compendium of scientific publications. Its structure includes a first Section in which are presented the study and the research objectives, the theoretical-interpretative proposed and some general methodological questions. The second Section includes the scientific publications that make up the compendium: the paper Residential vulnerability and the housing question: a social and spatial-oriented analysis for the Andalusia metropolitan areas, published in Boletín de la Asociación Española de Geografía (BAGE); the paper Residential mobility and social (re)composition of urban space in the municipality of Madrid, published in Papers. Revista de Sociología; and the paper Metropolitan residential mobility and real estate crisis, published in Anales de Geografía de la Universidad Complutense. The third section of the thesis presents general conclusions and future lines of research. Applying Pierre Bourdieu's structuralist constructivism perspective, the analysis has evidenced first, the existence of a relationship between residential vulnerability and social vulnerability; secondly, how residential practices, and specifically residential mobility, cannot be understood without considering the position of social agents in the structures of their objective conditions; and finally, that residential mobility, as a “hinge” practice between social space and residential structure, tends to reproduce the social composition of urban space, but at the same time it is a fundamental element of the transformation process of the socio-residential structure.