La interseccionalidad de las desigualdades que afectan al alumnado universitario gitano

  1. Giménez, A. 1
  2. Márquez, C. 2
  1. 1 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

    Barcelona, España


  2. 2 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Madrid, España


Transformación universitaria: retos y oportunidades
  1. Carmen Márquez (dir.)

Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca ; Universidad de Salamanca

ISBN: 978-84-1311-530-6

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 453-463

Type: Book chapter


The present work aims to show the influence of anti-Gypsyism and the intersectionality of inequalities in the difficulties of access of Roma students to university. For this, a mixed methodology has been used with a documentary review and semi-structured interviews. The results of this research indicate that the Roma People suffer multiple inequalities such as poverty, educational and occupational inequality. The intersectionality of these inequalities suffered by the Roma People constitute an explanatory element of the low representation of the Roma People in the Spanish university system.