Inmigración, fenómeno de miles de facetasenfoque para una sana convivencia.

  1. Kambiré Somda, Michel-Ange Iblè
Revista internacional de pensamiento político

ISSN: 1885-589X

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 6

Pages: 327-346

Type: Article

DOI: 10.46661/REVINTPENSAMPOLIT.1876 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Sustainable development goals


From the 80s there begins a deep transformation of the worldeconomy, and there appears a process of economic globalization basedon the planetary extension of the free trade and in defining thebeginning of the competitiveness as motive of development. It is truethat this neoliberal model has estimated up to limits till now not knownthe exchange of the capital, goods and information. Nevertheless, thiseconomic international disorder is developing on a planetary space ofenormous structural differences, on which there are imposed globalforms of social, economic and cultural organization that are turning outto be seriously unjust, as the reality demonstrates. For it the differentmovements of workers' migrations, refugee and displaced it is aconsequence.

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