Olive oil tourism as a vehicle for Rural Development in the Province of Cordoba

  1. Millán Vázquez de la Torre, María Genoveva
  2. Morales Fernández, Emilio
  3. Pérez Naranjo, Leonor M.
Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento

ISSN: 1645-9261

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 13-14

Pages: 739-748

Type: Article

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Food plays an important role in rural development through tourism, especially food routes. Tourists' demand for discovering regional food is increasing. This paper focuses on olive oil tourism since olive oil is more than a mere product, it is a true culture. A case study analyses three olive oil routes linked to Protected Designations of Origin in the province of Cordoba: Baena, Montoro-Adamuz and Priego de Cordoba. From field work, the supply and the demand for olive oil tourism is analysed. The olive oil routes are not as well known or as frequently visited by the gastronomic tourist as the wine routes and the oil tourism consumer profile is different from the wine tourism consumer profile. However, the olive oil tourism is undoubtedly an opportunity to promote rural development in these areas.