Los efectos del analfabetismo tecnológicoConsecuencias en la formación universitaria

  1. Marín Gutiérrez, Daniel
Primer Congreso Internacional Infoxicación: mercado de la información y psique : Libro de Actas
  1. Mancinas Chávez, Rosalba (coord.)
  2. Nogales-Bocio, Antonia Isabel (coord.)

Éditorial: Sevilla : Facultad de Comunicación, 2014

ISBN: 978-84-937600-7-6

Année de publication: 2014

Pages: 12-31

Congreso: Congreso Internacional Infoxicación (1. 2014. Sevilla)

Type: Communication dans un congrès


A Power Point is a mixture of technology, commercial speech and excess of disconnected information. All this produces Infoxication, annulling the complex thought and the structural approach. Remove the "why" of knowledge. The persecuted effects are to avoid heretical positions, the disconnection of the figures that make up the power, the promotion of complicity with the market system and its strengthening. Teachers, in their need to transmit knowledge, try to "package" Power Point vast amounts of data, fostering the comprehensive collapse of the learners, reducing the produced knowledge.