La Unión Europea y la seguridad alimentaria ad extra

  1. Martín López, Miguel Ángel
  2. Fillol Mazo, Adriana

Publisher: UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

ISBN: 978-84-09-32461-3

Year of publication: 2021

Type: Book


The European Union is designing a Food Security European Policy that aims to be on the top of the political agenda. From farm to fork programme is a clean example of this. International cooperation has a role in this policy, as EU documents say, including expertise sharing and international research projects. However, there is confusion on the content of this policy, too focused on food chain protection. At international level there is, however, a fight against hungry. It is true that the European Union, as global player, takes part in many actions, particularly in the FAO framework. It also participates in international negotiations of treaties, sometimes reached without unanimity, as the recent UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants. It is interesting, then, to think about these EU external actions in order to print more coherence on them.