Crisis sistémica, asimetría territorial y resiliencia en España frente a la Covid 19

  1. Juan Antonio Márquez Domínguez 1
  2. Inmaculada Expósito 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Huelva. Instituto de Desarrollo Local
ODS en tiempos de la covid 19: justicia social y sostenibilidad ambiental
  1. Juan Antonio Márquez Domínguez
  2. Lola Pelayo

Editorial: Universidad de Huelva

ISBN: 978-84-17776-43-5 978-84-17776-44-2

Ano de publicación: 2022

Páxinas: 173-192

Congreso: Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible en tiempos de la covid 19: Justicia Social y Sostenibilidad Ambiental (1. 2021. Huelva (online a través de Zoom))

Tipo: Achega congreso


An uncertain world is coming. The return to the border, as a guarantee of protection against threats from terrorism,migration, the so-called zombie economies and, currently, from Covid19, endanger the unfinished transformation ofglobalization. The slowdown in productive activity caused by the pandemic is hitting the foundations of the capitalist system, exchanges and the vulnerabilities of economies. In Spain it has affected all sectors, but especially tourism (González, I., 2020; Santiago, I. 2020). Since March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization recognizeda global pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus, more than five months have passed and the final outcomeis still unknown. The pandemic is taking a high human and economic cost on the planet. The Covid19, in a volatileand uncertain world, complex and ambiguous, has checked the processes of globalization and product relocations.With COVID-19, the world has entered a systemic crisis that uncovers health, socio-economic and political vulnerabilities. The symptoms can already be seen in indebtedness, deterioration of the business fabric, increasedunemployment and risk of poverty for an important sector of the population. Economic globalisation has beenaccompanied by a considerable increase in the mobility of people and diseases. In Spain, as in most of the world,this global and health crisis has been systemic and asymmetric and is accompanied by a market crisis, the lossof social cohesion, governance difficulties, insecurity of democracy and even ecological ambiguity, in the face ofwhich processes of resilience are emerging.