Educación ambiental e intercultural con perspectiva socioeducativa en el ámbito reglado

  1. Rocío Rodríguez Casado
  2. Teresa Rebolledo Gámez
  3. Macarena Esteban Ibáñez
  4. Teresa Terrón-Caro
  5. Rocío Cárdenas-Rodríguez
Psicología, salud y educación
  1. Padilla Góngora, David (coord.)
  2. Aguilar-Parra, José M. (coord.)
  3. López Liria, Remedios (coord.)

Publisher: Editorial Universidad de Almería (edual) ; Universidad de Almería

ISBN: 978-84-17261-09-2

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 334-341

Type: Book chapter


The cultural diversity and the environment are not minor matters, but they continue beingsubject matters in debate and reflection at the moment of being employed with them ateducational institutions. The traditional models of education need of transformations andpedagogic innovations, that they make possible the formation of critical persons in hisideological and behavioral exposition towards the environment in an evidently socioculturalcontext. With this contribution we treat to unify two trends terms of social and educational.On one hand, the development curricular individual of the student body and, on the otherhand, the reflection of personal, social and cultural significantly correct and positive guidelinesfor a good relation of the person with his way (environmental and cultural). Both theenvironmental education and the intercultural education are elementary props to generatechanges of attitude and aptitude, as well as of reaching a balance between the person andhis context. It is promotes social education that partner allows the creation of citizens andcitizens with environmental worries, that know, value and respect other cultures. Finally,departing from the importance of the above mentioned educations, it is necessary to carryout actions and concrete measures that to look the current problems relating to the environmentand to the cultural diversity inside and out of the schools