Relaciones de pareja en positivoabordaje terapéutico de dificultades en pareja

  1. Alberto Álamo Díaz 1
  2. Miguel Ángel Maldonado Herves 1
  3. Irene Martínez Gallego 1
  4. Francisco Mariano García Torres 1
  5. Francisco José Alós Cívico 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Córdoba

    Universidad de Córdoba

    Córdoba, España


Psicología general sanitaria: textos aplicados para la práctica terapéutica
  1. Francisco José Alós Cívico (coord.)
  2. Eliana María Moreno Osella (comp.)
  3. Francisco Mariano García Torres (comp.)
  4. María del Rosario Castillo Mayén (comp.)

Publisher: Departamento de Psicología ; Universidad de Córdoba ; Editorial Mora Mora

ISBN: 978-84-946931-2-0

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 225-267

Type: Book chapter


This chapter describes some of the most important aspects of couple relationshipsand their therapeutic approach within the scope of General Health Psychology. For thisapproach, a revision of the concept of a couple, which manages to explain, adaptand update this concept, is necessary. After defining and contextualizing the coupleconcept, the next step is to describe the most common problems and difficulties experienced by couples today, susceptible to being treated by a professional of GeneralHealth Psychology. These problems or difficulties are of a very diverse nature, therefore,the description of them must necessarily pass through a classification. The review of thecouple concept, the difficulties that can be found in this regard and its approach, aretasks carried out based on the content of theoretical practice of Psychology and Sexology professionals. Both disciplines provide analysis and intervention tools from twodifferent prisms; the study of human behaviour and the study of the sexes, respectively.This work is carried out from the interdisciplinarity because these two disciplines are notonly compatible but also help give a holistic understanding of relationships. In addition,couple therapy and sexual therapy are two ways of proceeding that emanate fromboth disciplines, and that are described and analyzed in this chapter. Therefore, themain objectives of this chapter are to provide basic theoretical notions about theconcept of couple and provide intervention tools for the main problems and the maindifficulties that arise in relationships.