Análisis funcional de la conductautilidades para la práctica psicológica

  1. Francisco José Alós Cívico
  2. Miguel Ángel Maldonado Herves
  3. Antonio Ramírez Lozano 1
  4. Natalia Jiménez-Luque
  5. Irene Martínez Gallego
  6. Alberto Álamo Díaz
  7. Francisco Mariano García Torres
  1. 1 Universidad de Córdoba

    Universidad de Córdoba

    Córdoba, España


Psicología general sanitaria: textos aplicados para la práctica terapéutica
  1. Francisco José Alós Cívico (coord.)
  2. Eliana María Moreno Osella (comp.)
  3. Francisco Mariano García Torres (comp.)
  4. María del Rosario Castillo Mayén (comp.)

Publisher: Departamento de Psicología ; Universidad de Córdoba ; Editorial Mora Mora

ISBN: 978-84-946931-2-0

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 268-299

Type: Book chapter


This chapter describes some of the most relevant aspects of functional behaviouranalysis (FBA). Firstly, the six characteristics necessary for a study to be considered asABA methodology will be explained. On the other hand, the object of study of Functional Behaviour Analysis and the most relevant aspects will be identified. What is meantby behaviour will be described in a detailed way and also the interaction dimension ofit will be emphasized. In addition, its implications in relation to mental processes will bebriefly discussed. A central and extremely important aspect of the content describedis that there will be a review of the different types of functional evaluation that exists:indirect, descriptive and experimental approaches.This, we believe, can be an extraordinary tool for the development of psychological interventions. Finally, two case studieswill be presented, by way of examples, in which some components of experimental functional analysis are applied in two interventions on problematic behaviours. We hopethat the present work can show the reader, an introductory and updated vision, of atopic that has great relevance for therapeutic practice.