Benestar i acolliment d'infants en família extensapercepcions, avaluacions i aspiracions dels principals agents implicats

  1. Carme Montserrat Boada
Supervised by:
  1. Ferrán Casas Aznar Director

Defence university: Universitat de Girona

Year of defence: 2006

  1. Antoni Petrus Rotger Chair
  2. Carles Rostán Sánchez Secretary
  3. Cristina Villalba Quesada Committee member
  4. Jorge Carlos Fernandez del Valle Committee member
  5. Carme Panchón Iglesias Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The importance of the increasing use of kinship care in the last decade within the child protection systems in most of the western countries, contrasts so much with the scarce and recent scientific research as well as with the few resources dedicated to the children and adolescents who are in extended family placements. The general objective of the thesis has been to deepen in the knowledge and understanding of this phenomenon within the Catalan child protection system. The present research has been carried out gathering the points of view of the three main stakeholders: the kinship carers, the children who are placed in extended family and the practitioners of the EAIAs (Children and Adolescence Care Teams) in charge of them. It explores their perceptions, evaluations, expectations and satisfactions referred to kinship care. Also, the study has been undertaken with a methodology of mixed design, gathering quantitative and qualitative data. The findings suggest a number of implications for the practice and they open new challenges for scientific research, with the final purpose of promoting the quality of life of children and their kinship carers.