GÓMEZ DE TERREROS GUARDIOLA, Mª. Gracia. Félix Hernández Giménez (1889-1975). Editorial Universidad de Granada, Granada, 2020

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ISSN: 1988-7213

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 31

Type: Book review

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The book "Félix Hernández Giménez (1889-1975)", written by Mª. Gracia Gómez de Terreros Guardiola and published by the University of Granada within the collection "Architecture, Urbanism and Restoration", sheds light on an outstanding Spanish architect and historian of the twentieth century, to whom numerous interventions are due as restorer of the Sixth Zone (Western Andalusia). This work is part of the results of the research project "The restoration architects in the Spain of the Franco regime. From the continuity of the Law of 1933 to the reception of European theory", directed by Professor Pilar García Cuetos (University of Oviedo), focused on criticism of the architectural restorations that were carried out in Francoist Spain.