Creación de podcast en asignaturas de Producción Animal del Grado en Ingeniería Agrícola y Master en Ingeniería Agronómica, para la motivación del alumnado Universitario

  1. Ester Bartolomé Medina 1
  2. Manuel García Infante 1
  3. María José Sánchez Guerrero 1
  4. Pedro González Redondo 1
  5. María Mercedes Valera Córdoba 1
  6. Manuel Delgado Pertíñez 1
  7. Alberto Horcada Ibáñez 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Sevilla

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Sevilla, España


Edunovatic 2022. Conference Proceedings: 7th Virtual International Conference on Education, Innovation and ICT, December 14-15, 2022

Publisher: REDINE (Red de Investigación e Innovación Educativa)

ISBN: 978-84-124511-7-7

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 52-54

Congress: Congreso Virtual Internacional de Educación, Innovación y TIC (7. 2022. null)

Type: Conference paper


Different previous studies showed different causes that can lead to conditioning the degree of motivationof students during learning (Tapia, 2005; Coleman and Hendry, 2003). In this sense, the intervention ofprofessionals external to the University has become a tool to be used in the students' learning process,since they can contribute with their real experiences to increase the motivation of the students forthe thematic contents of the different Degrees and Masters that are taught at the university level. Onthe other hand, among the new strategies and methodologies to increase this interest, the podcastis considered a new form of disclosure that is gaining more followers every day. This consists of anaudio file in mp3 format, not very long, which, through specific platforms, can be made available toa large number of listeners around the world (Sellas, 2009). For the following study, a methodologymodel based on cooperative learning in three subjects of the Higher Technical School of AgriculturalEngineering of the University of Seville (US) is presented. These are: Introduction to Livestock (IG)and Animal Products (PA) subjects from the Degree in Agricultural Engineering, and Management ofQuality and Food Safety (GCSA) subject from the Master of Agricultural Engineering. For the study, atotal of 30 10-minute podcasts have been prepared, including 20 podcasts for IG; 6 podcasts for PA;and 4 podcasts for GCSA. All of them were designed to highlight the most relevant contents of all thetopics covered in the program of each subject through the intervention directed by the interviewer to aprofessional from outside the University, emphasizing the practicality of what has been learned duringthe class sessions. The podcasts will remain hosted on the virtual teaching platform of the US with thetitle "Livestock up to date". With this methodology, the aim is to acquire a specific vocabulary for AnimalProduction subjects, increase the level of motivation of the students and attend to the diversity of twoheterogeneous groups (Bachelor's and Master's), which present different learning rhythms.