Resistance Training Methods: from Theory to Practice

  1. Muñoz-López, Alejandro ed. lit.
  2. Taiar, Redha ed. lit.
  3. Sañudo, Borja ed. lit.

Publisher: Springer Suiza

ISBN: 978-3-030-81988-0

Year of publication: 2022

Type: Book


This book reviews the main principles of resistance training, from basics to modern insights. It includes practical ways to develop most of the strength training methods, including monitoring and testing procedures. It merges practical tips with knowledge about the scientific background concerning program and periodization. It describes procedures for special populations, such as elderly or women. Gathering contributions by authoritative researchers and professors in the fields of sport science and biomechanics, this book provides an integrated view of strength training programming, and describes the most important biological factors associated with this type of training. The evidence-based and detailed description of each single mechanism to be trained to enhance performance is covered in depth. Thanks to its strong academic background, an being self-contained, this book offers a valuable reference guide for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in sports science, as well as an inspiring guide for sport and health researchers and professional trainers alike.