The Domus Augusta in two urban landscapes of Baetica based on the sculptural evidenceItalica (Santiponce, Seville) and Asido (Medina Sidonia, Cadiz)

  1. José Beltrán Fortes
  2. María Luisa Loza Azuaga
  3. Salvador Montañés Caballero
  4. Daniel Becerra Fernández
Experiencing the Landscape in Antiquity 2
  1. Cristilli, Armando (ed. lit.)
  2. De Luca, Fabio (ed. lit.)
  3. Di Luca, Giocondaca (coord.)
  4. Gonfloni, Alessia (coord.)

Publisher: BAR Publishing

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 355-362

Type: Book chapter