Estrategia de despliegue y aceptación de vehículos de hidrógeno en China

  1. J. Javier Brey
  2. Ana F. Carazo
  3. Abel Rosales
  4. Raúl Brey
Libro de comunicaciones Congreso Iberoamericano de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible: IBERCONAPPICE 2019, Madrid, 23-25 Octubre 2019
  1. Margarita Daza Bertrand (dir. congr.)
  2. Loreto Daza Bertrand (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Asociación Española de Pilas de Combustible

Year of publication: 2019

Pages: 47-51

Type: Book chapter


China has been postulated as one of the main countries in theHydrogen Economy; mainly due to its use of hydrogen e as an alternative fuel.However, China's strategy is different from what we see, for example, in California: it is committed to large fuel cell vehicles, instead of utilitarian cars.