Análisis insumo-producto de algunas cuestiones de estructura económica y cambio estructuralInput-Output Analysis of some topics in Economic Structure and Structural Change

Supervised by:
  1. Clara García Fernández-Muro Director
  2. Rafael Fernández Sanchez Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 27 April 2022

  1. Rafael Myro Sánchez Chair
  2. Angel Alañón Pardo Secretary
  3. José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche Committee member
  4. Guadalupe Arce González Committee member
  5. Esteban Fernández Vázquez Committee member

Type: Thesis


Input-ouptut analysis is one of the main tools that quantitative economics has for studying long-term features of economic systems. As its traditional bottlenecks have been overcame and topics on economic structure have increasingly captured the attention of scholars, the potential of this branch of economics has grown enormously. In this sense, the present essay aims to take advantage of recent advances in input-output economics both to contribute to methods of structural analysis and to provide new sets of information complementary to that already existing in the literature. With this aim, three studies are brought together on dierent topics of economic structure and structural change in which use is made of such recent advances in this branch of quantitative economics. The first study inquiries on the decline in the manufacturing share in gross value added in major more-developed economies, being its target to weigh the magnitude of the factors that scholars have assumed as explaining the phenomenon. So, taking advantage of recent advances in structural decomposition analysis and input-output accounting, it is possible to decompose the change in the manufacturing share as the sum of the efects of changes of several factors...