Las bases de Rota y Morón y su relevancia estratégica para España

  1. Mario Guillamó Román
  2. Rocío Vales Calderón
  3. Guillem Colom Piella
bie3: Boletín IEEE

ISSN: 2530-125X

Year of publication: 2022

Issue: 26

Pages: 897-917

Type: Article

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Spain and the US have shared a long tradition of cooperation and exchanges in the field of security and defence, being the Rota and Morón bases the most apparent manifestation of it. The shared use of both bases brings numerous benefits to Spain, which go beyond its positive economic impact. The Rota-Morón binomial constitutes an important strategic pillar for Spain, not to mention the contribution it makes to both Atlantic and European security, so that it would be necessary to study its political, social, economic, and strategic impact for Spain and Andalusia.