De la COVID-19 a Ucraniala comunicación de la Unión Europea en periodos de crisis económica

  1. Rocío Vales Calderón
  2. David García García
Más poder local

ISSN: 2172-0223

Year of publication: 2024

Issue Title: La comunicación política frente a las crisis económicas

Issue: 55

Pages: 10-28

Type: Article

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Although the European Union has had to face a multitude of crises since its origins, in the last four years it has had to resist the challenge of two crises that, even though they have not had an economic origin, have resulted in two economic crises that have had repercussions on the different Member States. In this regard, the objective of this research would be to analyze the impact that economic crisis situations can have on the communication of the European Union, basing this analysis on the State of the EU Speeches delivered annually in front of the European Parliament by the President of the European Commission. To that end, use will be made of the latest version of the linguistic analysis program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), increasingly used in the field of political communication analysis and whose use would contribute to opening new lines of research.