Department: Organización de Empresas y Marketing

Research centre: Laboratorio de innovación empresarial, emprendimiento y empresa familar (INN-LAB)

Area: Business Management

Research group: Nuevos paradigmas en la dirección estratã©gica de recursos humanos


Áreas PAIDI: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Programas de doctorado: Gestión Estratégica de los Recursos Humanos. Gobierno Corporativo

Doctor by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide with the thesis Hr. strategies and practices in crisis times Human resource strategies and practices in crisis times 2016. Supervised by Dr. José Luis Galán González, Dr. Ramón Valle.

Research interest: Future of work, Sustainable HRM, Downsizing, Bibliometrics 2015-16 PhD Award International Workshops: EIASM, EURAM, Dutch HRM Network Conference, ACEDE. Book: New Directions in the Future of Work Web link: Mónica Santana and Ramón Valle-Cabrera’s wide-ranging study explores vital research and industrial issues that are central to understanding the concepts of the Future of Work and address key challenges in this evolving area of debate.A global cast of leading research specialists provide chapters examining a broad spectrum of areas relating to the Future of Work including leadership, talent management, AI and digitalisation, digital skills, new forms of work, industrial relations, vulnerable workers as well as well-being, happiness, satisfaction and burnout. Each chapter offers insights on how individuals and leaders can make choices to shape the future of work and effectively respond to changing contextual conditions, demystifying the future of work from a set of interesting insights into specific actions and choices that will help imagine, invent, and implement a work setting that works. New Directions in the Future of Work is illuminating reading for scholars of HRM, Talent Management, Leadership, Industrial Relations, and all those seeking to understand directions of travel for the workplaces of the future.