Department: Geography, History and Philosophy

Area: Philosophy

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Doctor by the Universidad de Sevilla with the thesis Identidades y modelos de pensamiento en África 2016. Supervised by Dr. Jesús de Garay Suárez-Llanos.

Antonio de Diego González (Málaga, 1986) is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Universidad Pablo de Olavide. He received a MA in Contemporary History (2015) and a PhD (2016) on the history and doctrines of the Tijaniyya Tariqa in contemporary West Africa both at Universidad de Sevilla. His research focus on intellectual history and epistemological problems in Islamic contemporary societies. He is author of "Ley y Gnosis. Historia intelectual de la tariqa Tijaniyya" (Editorial Universidad de Granada, Granada, 2020) and "Populismo Islámico" (Almuzara, Córdoba, 2020).